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At last, the new normal gives way to the old abnormal

At last, the new normal gives way to the old abnormal – Martyn See Police investigate technology-enabled ISA discussions, James Gomez, 14 Oct 2011 The Singapore Police Force on Wednesday 12 October 2011 launched investigations into two separate events that discussed issues surrounding the need to abolish ISA in the city-state. According to replies given … Continue reading



SDP’s Alternative Economic Programme and Shadow Budget 2011

Click here to find out more about the alternative economic programme It's About You. Click here to download Shadow Budget 2011: Empowering the Nation.

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Uniquely Singapore

Watch One Nation Under Lee here. Read about the book the Singapore Government doesn't want you to read here. Updates here about the persecution of Alan Shadrake. Read about the book about an ex-political detainee's story here. Read also the White Paper on Repression of Political Freedoms in Singapore

Beyond suspicion?

Click here to read the report Prosperity versus individual rights? Human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Singapore by the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute. Or click here for their statement with the report attached. Click here to read the report Rule of Law in Singapore: Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession in Singapore by Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada.

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