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An old friend, an old lady and her son

I met an ex-colleague and an old friend last night. He celebrates Deepavali. When I wished him Happy Deepavali, he replied what happy deepavali… in a despondent tone.

He started talking about his not-so-secure job and facing stiff competition from foreign workers. The huge numbers of foreigners here. He said what’s the point of us Singaporeans doing all this National Service and Reservist??, doing all this for whom??, to protect all this foreigners most of whom will bide their time here and make use of it as a stepping stone and leave for elsewhere when they get the chance??. He talked about how crowded it is everywhere one goes. The cost of living. His family’s future especially how tough it’ll be for his kids.

And with quite a bit of venom in his mouth he said I’m fed-up with this bloody government! and that he hopes to see the PAP punished at the coming elections!

Later on when walking home, I saw a very old lady carrying trash she had collected back to her house. Probably to sell to recycling companies. Wizened by age, she smiled when i looked at her while passing by.  Her house is filled with all kinds of trash. There’s this guy, about late 20s, at the house helping her but he was mostly lost in his own world. I was told he’s her son and mentally ill.

I thought to myself how bad it is for people like my old friend and how much worse it is for people like the old lady & her son to cope and survive.

*heavy sigh*

Here’s SDP’s Deepavali message….



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