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{Video} Send Khaw to Johor Bahru: Dr James Gomez’s speech at SDP’s 1st Election Rally

CNA reported yesterday that Mr Khaw is leading the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) team in Sembawang GRC in the contest against a team from the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA). Thing is, CNA got it wrong. [Updated 1425hrs: CNA amended their report sometime after i published my blog post today at 0745hrs]

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), not the SDA, is contesting against the PAP in Sembawang GRC. The SDP team comprises of Dr Gomez, John Tan, Mohd Isa, Jarrod Luo and Sadasivam Veriyah.

I shot this video of Dr Gomez’s speech during SDP’s first election rally at the open field opposite Commonwealth MRT station.

Original link

Read also Khaw’s Sembawang plan does not address priorities of residents.


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