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GE 2011

Deny the PAP a clean sweep of parliament. Vote for change!

Campaigning by political parties ended yesterday. Tomorrow it’s all up to you Singaporeans!

The PAP has resorted to last minute apologies, emotional appeals and promises of transformations within the party to get your vote. Please do not be fooled.They say all this now and screw you over for the next 5 years.

They have also kept telling that you will still get alternative voices in parliament via the Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP) and Nominated Members of Parliament (NMP) schemes. NCMPs and NMPs may have a voice but they do not have full voting rights to go along with that voice in order to stop the PAP from ramming through policies and amendments to policies that are detrimental to you, the voters. Only opposition members of parliament who win their electoral contests with the PAP have full voting rights.

Your vote is secret. Please vote for the opposition party in your GRC or SMC to bring about long overdue change!

Credit: Temasek Review

Apart from your votes, opposition parties need your help tomorrow during and after voting. Please volunteer and help to bring about real change through your efforts!



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