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At last, the new normal gives way to the old abnormal

At last, the new normal gives way to the old abnormal – Martyn See Police investigate technology-enabled ISA discussions, James Gomez, 14 Oct 2011 The Singapore Police Force on Wednesday 12 October 2011 launched investigations into two separate events that discussed issues surrounding the need to abolish ISA in the city-state. According to replies given … Continue reading

The Death Penalty has no dissuasive effect

“The Death Penalty Has No Dissuasive Effect” By Gustavo Capdevila GENEVA, Oct 10, 2011 (IPS) – Capital punishment continues to exist because in some countries people are barraged with propaganda depicting it as a curb on crime, which it is not, said Federico Mayor Zaragoza, chair of an international commission against the death penalty that … Continue reading

Call by 16 former detainees to abolish Singapore’s notorious Internal Security Act

Call to abolish Singapore’s notorious Internal Security Act. It is too long overdue. (Source: Teo Soh Lung facebook page) Below is a statement calling for the abolition of the ISA by 16 former ISA detainees who together spent more than 100 years in prison without trial. Abolish Singapore’s Internal Security Act We welcome Malaysian Prime … Continue reading

[Video] Ex-political detainee Dr Lim Hock Siew challenges Dr Tony Tan

Dr Lim Hock Siew‘s speech during a memorial gathering in honor of Tan Jing Quee on 20th August 2011. [original link] [original link] [original link]

Author of ‘Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock’ deported

“I welcome Alan Shadrake’s release. It is regrettable that Mr Shadrake served time in jail for expressing his personal views on the Singaporean legal system. The British Government continues to call on all countries, including Singapore, to recognise the right to the freedom of expression.” – Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne British author deported by … Continue reading

Former political detainee Tan Jing Quee dies of cancer

Former detainee dies of cancer, aged 72 Leong Weng Kam, Senior Writer, Straits Times, 16 June 2011 FORMER political detainee and lawyer Tan Jing Quee (above), arrested in 1963 under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged pro-communist activities, died on Tuesday after a five-year battle with cancer. Mr Tan, who contested the 1963 election … Continue reading

Truth is ‘insulting’ – Alan Shadrake’s appeal denied

Alan Shadrake, author of Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock, has had his appeal denied today by Singapore’s Court of Appeal. A new edition of his book has been published but you won’t find it in Singapore’s bookstores. Singapore jails UK author for ‘insulting book’ Philip Lim, AFP, 27 May 2011 Singapore’s … Continue reading

Change policies, not just ministers: SDP’s statement on cabinet appointments

Media Release: Change policies, not just ministers SDP, 19 May 2011 The question that Singaporeans must ask is not who is appointed to which ministry but rather what policies will emanate from these new ministries. If there is a lesson in this elections for the PAP it is that the people are fed-up with the … Continue reading

{Video} Chee Soon Juan addresses members and volunteers at SDP’s Thank You Dinner

http://yoursdp.org Dr Chee Soon Juan addressed about 350 members and volunteers at the SDP’s thank-you dinner on 14 May 11. He noted that the SDP had become a party of professionals and thinkers. He also called on everyone to be do-ers Text of speech The following was published in Teo Soh Lung’s facebook group page. … Continue reading

For Sam

Shanmugam Murugesu, or Sam as he was known to friends, was executed 6 years ago today by the Singapore Government. This video of Sam’s mother and two sons appealing to the President outside the Istana to spare his life was shot by Martyn See on April 16th, 2005. Singapore anti-death penalty fight lives on Martin … Continue reading

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