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A very long wait in a multi-racial country

In a post last year, I talked about Vasantham Central having its own channel after 45 years.

Now comes the news that Singapore after a 30-year hiatus is producing its first Malay feature film since the Cathay Keris and Shaw Brothers era.

Singapore’s a country in which the government has had a hand, finger & fist in practically everything. Especially so in its promotion & propagation of its vision of a multi-racial country. Thus, its a sad commentary in itself when it takes 45 long years for a dedicated local Indian TV channel to materialise and 30 long years since its heydays to produce a Malay feature film.



2 thoughts on “A very long wait in a multi-racial country

  1. Cantonese saying: Would only shed tears when the coffin is in sight – the govt wouldn’t do anything for its intrinsic value and logic. The govt does only that which would help it to manipulate and control a situation to its own narrow vested party interest. Ever so often this has resulted in it have a foot on two different boats at the same time. The stupidity lies with the people for not being able to see it or are so wishy-washy or kiasu and kiasi as to allow it to continue to exploit for its own party gain.

    Posted by anon | March 13, 2009, 14:15


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