1994 – 2011: A Chronology of Authoritarian Rule in Singapore

Martyn See in an email to The Online Citizen,

This chronology was first compiled sometime in 2006 while I was undergoing police probe for making Singapore Rebel. It was an intuitive response to a piece in the Straits Times that had said Singapore does not suppress free speech, that nobody is jailed for speaking his mind, that we don’t live in a police state. Admittedly, it is a compelling claim to make. One indeed does not, and probably will not, experience the hand of State censorship and repression unless you are sitting in a police station answering questions about a documentary film. Singapore may not be like Burma. But the face of authoritarianism can wear many masks. To understand our brand of authoritarianism, one needs to look at the overall behavioural pattern of how our Government calibrates its control of free expression. Happy reading.

Read 1994 – 2011: A Chronology of Authoritarian Rule in Singapore.


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