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SFD report to UN says Human rights abuses in Singapore have their roots in the electoral system design

On 29th October, Singaporeans For Democracy submitted its report on Electoral Reform to the UN’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Watch this short video about the UPR followed by SFD’s media release.

SFD submits report on Electoral Reform to UN Universal Periodic Review, SFD media release, 29 Oct 2010

Singaporeans For Democracy has submitted its report on electoral reform to the UN Universal Periodic Review today.

In its submission SFD stated that the root cause of human rights abuses in Singapore lie in the electoral system design that has returned the ruling People’s Action Party to power for nearly half a century. Hence, electoral reform is fundamental to ensure effective promotion and protection of human rights in Singapore.

The report made three main recommendations. They are:

Key recommendations:

1. Establish an independent election commission
2. Abolish the Group Representation Constituencies (GRC)

Supplementary recommendation:

3. Bring Singapore’s electoral system in line with international best practices

These recommendations are elaborated in the SFD report available online here.

The report in currently being circulated to relevant international NGOs overseas and selected embassies in Singapore.

SFD would like the PAP government to be held internationally accountable during the UN’s upcoming UPR process for its human rights abuses that stem from a flawed and dated electoral system design.

Dr. James Gomez
Executive Director
Singaporeans For Democracy



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