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Alan Shadrake and the Police State, Death Penalty

Author of death penalty book arrested by Singapore police day after book launch

Aug 1, 2011: From concrete floor to celebrity police escort in five-and-a-half weeks

July 28, 2011: Jailed in Singapore for writing a book they didn’t like

July 11, 2011: Alan Shadrake deported to London on 9th July

June 23, 2011: AGC will take no further action against Alan Shadrake

June 20, 2011: SADPC marked Alan’s first week in prison

June 2, 2011: In solidarity with Alan Shadrake

May 29, 2011: Human Rights Watch statement; Joint statement by Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC) and Think Centre

May 27, 2011: Truth is ‘insulting’ – Alan Shadrake’s appeal denied

Apr 11, 2011: Human Rights Watch: Alan Shadrake has done a service to Singapore by pointing out the failings in its application of justice; Court of Appeal reserves judgment on Alan Shadrake; Writer plans to do time with Orwell and Huxley in Changi

Apr 5, 2011: New edition of Alan Shadrake’s Once A Jolly Hangman to be launched.

Mar 30, 2011: Alan’s appeal against his conviction & sentence is scheduled for 11th April, 10am at Court of Appeal.

Jan 2011: James Gomez speaks on SFD Trio investigations; Police investigate SFD members over death penalty book

Nov 16, 2010: See my post here on sentencing today.

Nov 15, 2010: Sentencing is tomorrow 16th Nov, Court 4C at 10am, Supreme Court. See my post here.

Nov 9, 2010: Singapore Govt wants minimum 12 weeks in prison. Defense argued for censure and reprimand only. Judgment on sentence reserved till 16th Nov.

Nov 9, 2010: Change of courtroom for sentencing. Its at Court 4D. Same time at 10am. Read Human Rights Watch statement Drop charges against author who raised rights concerns.

Nov 8, 2010: Sentencing will be tomorrow 9th Nov at 10am in Court 4B at Supreme Court. Read The Guardian’s article Alan Shadrake faces Singapore jail term for criticising use of death penalty.

Nov 3rd, 2010: Today morning, the Singapore court found Alan Shadrake guilty of contempt of court. He will be sentenced next Tue, 9th Nov, at 10am. See my post here.

Oct 31, 2010: Read Alan Shadrake’s open letter to the Singapore Government. Judgment will be on 3rd Nov, 10am, Court 4C, 4th level, Supreme Court.

Oct 24, 2010: Oral judgment on “contempt of court” charge will be on 28th Oct (Thur) at 10am, Court 4C, 4th level of Supreme Court. Read also TR’s interview with Shadrake here. [Oct 28th: Judgment has been postponed to Nov 3rd. Thanks Rachel for the update!]

Oct 23, 2010: Reporters Without Borders launches international petition calling for acquittal of Shadrake. Read James Gomez’s How to propel a book to bestseller status.

Oct 21, 2010: See my post here about the last day of the trial yesterday.

Oct 19, 2010: Read TOC reports on Day 1 and 2 of the trial here and here. See my post here.

Oct 14, 2010: Alan Shadrake’s trial starts 18th Oct (Mon), 10am, Court 4C, 4th level, Supreme Court Bldg. For those keen to attend, please come early, say about 9am, before all seats are taken by the “other side”! Trial is spread over 3 days: 18, 19 and 20th Oct. Trial judge is Justice Quentin Loh.

Aug 25, 2010: Vui Kong given extension to file clemency, Shadrake’s trial postponed; SFD – Independent clemency board for death penalty petitions

Aug 17, 2010: Audio/text of Asia Calling’s report on Alan & his book; Vignes Mourthi and Yong Vui Kong

Aug 13, 2010: Read Ben Bland’s book review here for Asia Sentinel

Aug 12, 2010: TOC reported that Alan underwent an angioplasty operation on Aug 10 (Tue), was discharged from hospital and is doing well. Alan said I will have my day in court even if I have to make a posthumous statement in advance.

July 31, 2010: Singapore’s reputation on the line as British author fights on; Trial of author of book on Singapore’s use of death penalty adjourned for 3 weeks; Human Rights Watch: Legal Charges Threat to Freedom of Expression

July 28, 2010 update: Alan Shadrake’s ‘contempt of court’ hearing before Judge Quentin Loh on 30th July (Fri) at 10am, Court 5E, Level 5, Supreme Court Building.

July 24, 2010 update 2: TOC is reporting that Alan has to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours starting Tuesday. The doctor is worried he might have a heart attack as his heart is in “poor condition”.

July 24, 2010 update: Read Alan’s interview here with British Weekly.

July 22, 2010: From Rachel’s updates here,

21 July. After about 11 hours of interrogation today, Alan still needs to report back for further questioning at 10.30am on Thursday (22 July). Some of us met him for coffee and snack after his session at Cantonment today and he related to us that he bumped into a journalist from Wanbao who was there at the launch on Saturday. She told him that her audio recording of the whole launch was taken away by the police. She was also questioned about the launch.

July 21, 2010 update: See my post here for statements by Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International. Alan Shadrake was arrested at 8am on 18th July (Sun). Out on bail in the early morning hours of 20th July (Tue). Returned for long hours of police interrogation – cops call it ‘assisting in the investigation’ – on the same day from 2pm to 11pm…and again today, 21st July (Wed) from 11am. This will probably continue till the hearing on 30th July (Fri).

July 20, 2010 update: See my post here for reports & photos on Alan being released on bail. Listen to Dr James Gomez’s interview with Radio Australia’s Connect Asia here (with transcript).

July 19, 2010 update 4: Just got word at 11.30pm that Alan is being released on bail now after 39hrs in police custody.

July 19, 2010 update 3: Show your support and join the facebook page Free Alan Shadrake!

July 19, 2010 update 2: See my post here on Alan’s lawyer M. Ravi’s urgent request to see his client who has medical problems

July 19, 2010 update: According to this post by Fit to Post,

A statement obtained by Yahoo! Singapore also confirmed that the British High Commission in Singapore is in touch with the author. “We can confirm that we have been informed about the detention of Mr Alan Shadrake on 18 July 2010 and are providing consular assistance,” said a spokesperson in an emailed statement.

See also these blogs/websites for updates: The Online Citizen; Singapore Democrats; Rachel Zeng

I took this photo of Alan at the launch of his book last night. He was arrested today by the Singapore police.

British author Alan Shadrake arrested for alleged criminal defamation
Posted: 18 July 2010 1828 hrs

SINGAPORE : British author Alan Shadrake was arrested by Singapore police at a hotel at 8am on Sunday.

Police said the 75-year-old is being investigated for alleged criminal defamation and other offences.

The arrest was made after a police report by the Media Development Authority on Friday.

Shadrake has also been served with a Contempt of Court order by the Attorney-General.

It is believed the arrest is linked to his latest book, “Once a Jolly Hangman – Singapore Justice in the Dock” launched on Saturday night. – CNA

See Rachel’s post here on the arrest and my post here on the book.

These are photos I took at the launch of Alan’s book at a private event last night. Read TOC’s report here.

My hat's off to Rachel for organising a very well-attended event and to Seelan for running the show.

The room at Post-Museum was....

packed till....

more people were standing or sitting outside

Seelan starting things off

Alex Au who writes at Yawning Bread

Read here Alex’s review of Alan’s book.

Alan Shadrake takes to the mike

Book signing

M. Ravi was also approached to autograph the book

Alan and I


23 thoughts on “Author of death penalty book arrested by Singapore police day after book launch

  1. Saw the books on sale in JB.
    Once a Jolly Hangman

    Posted by gnem | July 19, 2010, 18:37


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