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GE 2011

{Video} Chee Soon Juan outlines SDP’s election campaign message

A few words before you watch the video.

The PAP doesn’t need to campaign. The local mainstream media will do it for them. Not to mention organisations like the People’s Association and the NTUC. And not forgetting a minefield of legislations, rules and regulations. It is an uphill battle for opposition parties to get their message across.  It’s left to us, you and me, to help get their message out and get them voted into parliament because alternative voices alone are not enough.

Whichever opposition party you support, help them to spread their message. This is not only about using the online tools available at your disposal. It is also about volunteering your time and effort as campaign helpers, election agents, counting agents, etc, etc. Boots on the ground, so to speak. Be a part of and make history by helping to take the fight to the ruling party & the establishment that supports it and to say to them, through your efforts, enough is enough!

http://yoursdp.org Dr Chee Soon Juan spoke at the National University of Singapore Society Dialogue Forum in November 2010 where he outlined the SDP’s election message for the coming GE.

Read also SDP needs you. Watch other videos at SDP’s channel here.



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