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Rule 'by' Law in Singapore

You can help stop Dr Chee Soon Juan from going to prison this election

Stop Dr Chee from going to prison this election
Singapore Democrats, 26 Jan 2011

Dear Friends,

Photo credit: AP /Stefen Chow

You may know that the Judiciary has rejected Dr Chee Soon Juan’s appeals against his conviction for speaking in public without a permit — incidents that date as far back as 2005. He was sentenced to $20,000 fine or 20-weeks imprisonment in default. He has until 10 Feb 2011 to pay up or to go to jail. (See here for details.)

The High Court’s decision is not unexpected but its timing is most unfortunate. The SDP is in the midst of preparing for the General Election which is expected to be called within the first half of this year.
With Dr Chee at its helm, the SDP has grown tremendously in the last few years. It has attracted many credible candidates and energetic young people who are eager to help the party do well in the elections and serve the people.

We cannot afford to have Dr Chee incarcerated during this crucial period. We urge you and your friends to help us ensure that he will continue to lead our party to victory this GE. Please give generously. (See here for ways to help.)

In solidarity,

Gandhi Ambalam

Francis Yong

John Tan
Asst. Secretary-General

Gerald Sng

Jeffrey George
Asst. Treasurer

Chee Siok Chin
Member, CEC

Mohd Jufrie Mahmood
Member, CEC

Mohd Isa Abdul Azizy
Member, CEC

Sylvester Lim
Member, CEC

Johnny Hoe
Member, CEC

Laurence Lai
Member, CEC



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