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Why is SDP not included in National University of Singapore Students’ Political Association forum?

Why is SDP not included in NUSSPA forum?
Singapore Democrats, 24 Oct 2010

24 October 2010

Jasmine Toh

Dear Ms Toh,

I am given to understand that the National University of Singapore Students’ Political Association (NUSSPA) has organised a forum entitled “Economic Growth: At What Cost?” where you have invited speakers from the People’s Action Party (Ms Indranee Rajah), Workers’ Party (Mr Yaw Shin Leong), Reform Party (Mr Tony Tan) and Nominated MP Associate Professor Paulin Tay Straughan.

It is unfortunate that the Singapore Democratic Party has not received an invitation from you to speak at the event. We would like to be represented at the forum.

You may know that the Singapore Democrats have been at the forefront of speaking about the economic situation in Singapore. In fact we have laid out our Economic Alternative Programme for the country here.

We have even dedicated an entire section to discussion the growth-at-all-cost model in our Programme. I am sure you will agree that our concerns are highly appropriate for the topic that you have chosen for your forum discussion.

We have also been the party that has actively reached out to youths in Singapore. In fact, we visited campuses at NUS, NTU and SMU last year. Our Chairman, Mr Gandhi Ambalam, and Honorary Secretary of our youth wing, Mr Jarrod Luo, had written to NUSSPA in 2009 asking for an opportunity to address your fellow students (see here). However, to date NUSSPA has not invited the SDP to speak at any of its event.

I believe that we are the only political party to have so actively and keenly tried to reach out to our university students. Given this fact, I am certain that you are able to appreciate our disappointment of not being invited to speak at this forum.

We hope that NUSSPA will be even-handed in dealing with political parties in Singapore and not discriminate against certain parties and viewpoints. Your members will be done a disservice if an active party like the Singapore Democrats are not allowed to address your fellow students, especially when other opposition parties are invited.

We hope that you will reconsider your decision and extend an invitation to the SDP to address your students.

Please note that this letter will be posted on our website (yoursdp.org) as the subject matter is of public interest. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


John Tan
Assistant Secretary-General
Singapore Democratic Party

Oct 26th update: SDP asks NUSSPA to organise event for opposition



2 thoughts on “Why is SDP not included in National University of Singapore Students’ Political Association forum?

  1. What a real shame.
    Are the Students so cowed that they excluded the SDP from such an interesting and important forum?

    Posted by Bobbty | October 25, 2010, 10:26
  2. Order from above: Chee Soon Juan and the Singapore Democratic
    Party are to be “switched off”.

    It was the same with JBJ and his Workers’ Party.

    This alone shows how vindictive, small-minded, arrogant and
    fearful the PAPaya Party is.

    Posted by Gmale | October 25, 2010, 22:44

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