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Remembering May 21st, S'pore's Opposition Parties

{Video} Ex-political detainee Vincent Cheng speech at SDP Pre-Election Rally

30th Sept 2010 update: Watch video with better picture quality here.

I shot this video during the Singapore Democratic Party’s Pre-Election Rally on 25th Sept 2010 at Hong Lim Park aka Speakers Corner. Sorry for the picture quality. Still getting used to shooting videos on my mobile phone! Stay tuned to yourSDP.org and their YouTube Channel for reports, photos and videos of the rally. They’ll have a much clearer version! 🙂

As far as I know, this is Vincent Cheng’s first public speech in a long time after his ordeal at the hands of the Singapore government. He was a panelist at the launch of a fellow detainee’s book and there’s the event at National Library where he was barred from speaking.

Vincent Cheng speaking at the SDP Pre-Election Rally at Hong Lim Park on 25th Sept 2010. Photo: SDP

I took this photo of Vincent Cheng during last year's 'Remember May 21st' event. Click on the image to see rest of the photos.



2 thoughts on “{Video} Ex-political detainee Vincent Cheng speech at SDP Pre-Election Rally

  1. Nice to finally hear what Vincent has to say about the matter. The last time i saw him was on the telly in the 80s ‘confessing’ to being a part of a conspiracy. He had black hair then. We all wondered what the truth was in church. Thanks for the video. Too bad you could not put up a good quality one especially with a significant video such as this. But the sound was good.


    Posted by ed | September 26, 2010, 22:17
  2. Look out for http://yoursdp.org/ video which they’ll be posting very soon 🙂

    Posted by Jacob 69er | September 27, 2010, 10:53

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