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Alan Shadrake and the Police State, Death Penalty

Videos of forum on death penalty in Singapore

These are videos of a forum held on 10 Oct 2009. It was organised by the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (see their blog here and facebook page here). For those who didn’t attend the event or haven’t watched these videos, please take this opportunity and spend some time to watch it now.

Please read and sign here the clemency petition for Yong Vui Kong by 26th August 2010. He can be hanged anytime after that date.

See here for my timeline of articles/videos/reports on Vui Kong and here about the book Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock.

From Rachel’s post here,

The anti-death penalty campaign in Singapore has been held under much criticisms from the supporters of the death penalty. I think that the supporters of the death penalty have misunderstood our point. I would like to further reinforce that the whole point about the anti-death penalty campaign is that there are many other ways the judiciary can punish those who commit crimes. The death penalty is not the way because it takes away lives and because it leaves no room for rehabilitation and repentance. We are not saying that being a drug mule is right, not saying that any other crimes are right. We are saying that the death penalty is not a solution at all.

From the playlist here. In 7 parts.



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