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Alan Shadrake and the Police State

Lawyer to C.I.D: Stop the relentless and continued interrogation and harassment of author of death penalty book

The Online Citizen, in an update yesterday on Alan Shadrake’s visit to the hospital, reported that Shadrake has to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours starting Tuesday. The doctor is worried Shadrake might have a heart attack as his heart is in “poor condition”.

This is a letter from Shadrake’s lawyer, M. Ravi, to the C.I.D

British author Alan Shadrake (L) walks with his lawyer M. Ravi after being released on bail from a remand centre in Singapore early July 20, 2010. Singapore police had arrested Shadrake on charges of criminal defamation and contempt of court, a day after he launched a book titled "Once a Jolly Hangman" on death penalty in the city-state. The arrest was made pursuant to a report that was lodged by the government's Media Development Authority on Friday, the Singapore police said in a statement. Shadrake said he was released on an S$10,000 bail and that his passport had been impounded pending his trial. - REUTERS/Vivek Prakash

Criminal Investigation Department
391 New Bridge Road
Police Cantonment Complex
Block C
Singapore 088762

23th July 2010

Re: Alan Shadrake

Dear Sir,

We are instructed on behalf of our client to request that you allow our client to rest for 48 hours prior to taking instructions to defend him in the forthcoming proceedings.

We are further instructed to place on record serious concerns regarding the impact on the physical health and mental well-being which your unrelenting interrogation appears to be having upon him.

Our client is 75 years old.

He suffers from serious medical conditions which are made worse by stress.

You arrested him on 17th July 2010 and began interrogating him and now although he is on bail, you have subjected him to several hours of questioning for the past 3 days continuously.

You will agree that this is not a case where it is essential in the interests of the security of the State that evidence be gathered urgently before members of the public are injured or before another offence is committed by accomplices. It is not a case where evidence must be gathered immediately in order to prevent evidence being destroyed. Indeed, insofar as the alleged offence consists of a publication, all the facts are already there in front of you. In these circumstances relentless and continued interrogation appears as a form of harassment. As such we are instructed it is unnecessary, inappropriate and ill-befitting Singapore and on his behalf we formally request that it stop immediately.

It appears to us that in a civilised society in which the conduct of the Police and other Prosecutorial Officials is an important measure of the strength of moral and civic virtue, it is unbecoming for those who have the power over individuals who are subject to their custody and subject to their command to act in a manner which results in physical or mental harm or causes undue stress. We therefore must ask you to consider the age and condition of our client and to ensure that he is not subject to untoward stress and alarm.

We reserve the right to bring to the attention of the Court (and to file official complaints in appropriate national and international tribunals) should an independent medical examination indicate that our client’s health has been and is being placed in jeopardy by the conduct of officials under your command.

Yours faithfully,

M. Ravi

cc. client
cc. British High Commission

Jacob 69er: See my post here on Shadrake’s arrest the day after the launch of his book.



One thought on “Lawyer to C.I.D: Stop the relentless and continued interrogation and harassment of author of death penalty book

  1. Police Abuse

    Posted by Tom Jerry | July 28, 2010, 11:03

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