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Remembering May 21st

SFD writes to Director of ISD on Vincent Cheng affair

I took this photo of Vincent Cheng during last year’s Remember May 21st event. Click on the photo to see more photos and a video of the event

Vincent Cheng, an ex-Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee, was scheduled to publicly speak for the first time this Friday, 4th June, at an NUS History Society seminar. But the Society was told by the National Library Board to remove him from their panel of speakers. The seminar will go ahead at NLB’s Pod. See Martyn See’s post here.

Singaporeans for Democracy has written to the Director of the Internal Security Department. Read the letter here.

Related links: Martyn See’s post here and Ben Bland’s post here.

1st June update: See Ravi Philemon’s post here for NLB’s reply.

3rd June update: Read the exchange of letters between NLB and a member of the public at TOC’s post here.




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