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Labour Day Picnic 2010

{Videos} Labour Day Picnic @ Hong Lim Park

Organised by a group of Singaporean activists – Rachel, Shafiie, Kai Xiong, Jarrod, Seelan and Khalis – the Labour Day Picnic was held at Hong Lim Park aka Speakers Corner on 1st May 2010. See Rachel’s post here about the picnic.

Alex Tan delivering the first speech

Papsmear performing a song they composed


Once upon a time in our land
There was a bunch of great, noble men
But Lee Kuan Yew put them all in jail
And then they were erased from history

Some of them were journalists
Some of them trade unionists
But it mostly was Barisan Sosialis
Victims of a dictator to be

All of them detained without trial
That must have made the PM smile
It was all pre-planned anyway
‘Cause look at who’s our PM today

That motivated group of friends
They had a different dream for this land
One that will respect the common man
A dream that we shouldn’t forget!

Poem recital by Khalis. I missed the first couple of seconds ‘cos i was interrupted by a phone call! Bummer!!

Dr Gomez and others share their experiences




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