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Singaporeans For Democracy

‘I want to remove Race from my IC’ advocacy campaign

From the facebook group I want to remove Race from my IC,

The idea to remove the ‘Race’ indication on Singapore identity cards was first raised during a meeting between Singaporeans For Democracy (SFD) & the UN Special Rapporteur for Racism on 22 April 2010.

During his visit, the Rapporteur was surprised that Singapore is one of the only places left in the world that states the race of its citizens on their identity cards.

Following up from the event, SFD has set up this Facebook group to get more people discussing and expressing support for the idea.

This FB group will form part of SFD’s efforts to monitor the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Racism who will present his findings on Singapore before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (in June 2011) and the UN General Assembly in New York (in November 2011).

The practice of race identification is outdated in today’s post-modern world and only serves to further highlight our differences, instead of our common humanity.

So join this group if you want to remove “Race” from your IC, and invite all your friends to join too!

Jacob 69er:

Read here for the latest SFD press release on the establishment of a racial discrimination monitoring committee and see here photos of the meeting between SFD and UN Special Rapporteur on Racism.

Keep yourself free and c’mon down this Saturday, 1st May, 4pm to 6pm at Hong Lim Park (Speakers Corner) for a Labour Day Picnic organised by a group of Singaporean activists. Members of SFD will be there too. The picnic promises to be fun-filled and meaningful! See the facebook event page here for more details.




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