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The anti-PAP “Singapore Flyer” and that Sheng Siong “video ad”

This is a 2 in 1 post.


I guess the name Singapore Flyer (the tallest ferris wheel in the world) will never be the same again after this!

First uploaded at Temasek Review’s post EXPOSED: The Anti-PAP fliers distributed in Seng Kang and Marine Parade (English and Chinese version). See also TOC’s post Anti-PAP sentiments take a new turn.


Sheng Siong, whose boss Lim Hock Chee is also the treasurer for PAP’s Marsiling CCC, is trying to kick out stall holders after buying over wet markets by hiking rental up 30% to force them to quit their stalls. – project2011

See also HDB responds to SDP warning, SDP calls for meeting with Teo



One thought on “The anti-PAP “Singapore Flyer” and that Sheng Siong “video ad”

  1. Once again, the familiar old and tired tricks of the PAP is flooding the election for 2011 – the use of threats !! How predictable can they be . The opposition and the citizens should by now be so used to this . MM is so trapped in his own history and his own world. He keeps clinging to old stuff and old ideas and imagined that they are the only rules that will work . So the people of Aljunied will repent ?? Why should they ? People repent only for their sins to God and no one else . Threats worked in the old days when people were less educated and less worldly – MM this is a new world . People have options. Sure – the PAP can openly marginalise the people of Aljunied – but the world is watching . Singapore government will run the risk of loosing it “good reputation” .
    Such threats will only bring about more bitterness from the citizens . MM may be the one who will eventually destroy the support for the PAP.

    Posted by cynthia Tan | May 1, 2011, 21:24

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