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Rule 'by' Law in Singapore

Cuffed, shackled and chained for distributing flyers AND final leg in the trial of TBT activists

Chee Siok Chin

Gandhi Ambalam and Dr Chee Soon Juan

I continue to say that what we did was not a crime. Criticising one’s government is a right guaranteed in a democratic society. By finding us guilty you are as good as saying that we do not have this right. By pronouncing us guilty you are also saying that Singapore is not a democratic society and that this government is an undemocratic oneChee Siok Chin addressing the Court after being found guilty, along with Gandhi Ambalam and Dr Chee Soon Juan, of distributing flyers critical of the PAP government

Read these articles from SDP:

Cuffed, shackled and chained

Ambalam and Chee serve jail sentence, pledge to continue fight

Chee Siok Chin begins jail term and Going to jail is least of Chee Siok Chin’s concern

Judge agrees that it is illegal to criticize government without permit

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Two separate reports on Singapore judiciary’s ‘independence’

Tak Boleh Tahan activists with friends and supporters on the first day of trial in Oct 2008. Click to enlarge.

Trials and tribulations of Tak Boleh Tahan activists (Note: The final leg of this trial began yesterday, Jan 19th, and will last for 2 weeks. The trial is at Subordinate Court 24 from 10am to 5pm. My thanks to Seelan for this info)



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