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Death Penalty

Vui Kong, We Care @ Speakers’ Corner tomorrow, 6 Dec, 4pm

From the facebook event page for Vui Kong, We Care: Group photo for Vui Kong, a 21 year old on death row….

Come and join us at Speaker’s Corner at 4pm sharp this Sunday for a show of compassion for Yong Vui Kong, a 21-year old Malaysian who is facing the death penalty in Singapore for drug trafficking.

There will be no speeches. We will gather briefly for a group photograph holding photos of Yong Vui Kong with a banner saying “Vui Kong, we care.”

The death penalty is irreversible. Vui Kong should be given a chance to repent and live.

NOTE: Please come dressed in a white top at 4pm sharp.

Find out more about Vui Kong’s case:

Amnesty International’s FAQ on the Death Penalty:

Jacob 69er: See my post on Vui Kong here




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