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Death Penalty

Petition for clemency of Yong Vui Kong denied

14 Mar 2012: Judgement reserved at Yong Vui Kong’s hearing

28 Jan 2012: Yong’s case one of ‘unlawful discrimination’, says lawyer; Selective prosecution? Yong Vui Kong’s latest constitutional challenge filed; Lawyers’ association wrong about A-G’s discretion

8 July, 2011: Yong Vui Kong petitions President S R Nathan for clemency

15 June, 2011: Lawyer for Yong Vui Kong urges Malaysia Parliament to appeal to ICJ; Seek justice at World Court, human rights lawyer M. Ravi urges Malaysian Govt

6 April, 2011: Malaysian man faces imminent execution in Singapore after appeal fails – Amnesty International

5 April, 2011: Joint statement by Think Centre and Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign on Yong Vui Kong’s appeal verdict ;See my post here on the appeal verdict

4 April 2011: Read TOC’s and Yahoo SG News reports on the verdict here and here. Join Not In My Name facebook group here.

3 April 2011: Yong Vui Kong’s final verdict

1 April 2011: Verdict has has been rescheduled to 3pm on 4th April at Court of Appeal.

29 Mar 2011: Vui Kong’s verdict scheduled for 4th April; How many need to die?

9 Feb 2011: MARUAH sends appeal to the President

26 Jan 2011: [Video] Yong’s Story – Witness – Al Jazeera English

22 Jan 2011: Reprieve but living on borrowed time

18 Jan 2011:  Read TOC’s report about yesterday’s appeal hearing. Other media reports here, here and here

16 Jan 2011: Blog-A-Thon for Vui Kong

Oct 10, 2010: In commemoration of World Day Against Death Penalty – statement by Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

Sept 27, 2010: Memorandum highlighting Vui Kong case submitted to ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR); Vui Kong’s story now in theatre

Aug 31, 2010: Vui Kong’s appeal against the High Court’s decision on judicial review set for the week commencing 17 January 2011; Abolish death penalty says Malaysia’s Law Minister & Weighing the death penalty

Aug 27, 2010: See here for video of Vui Kong’s family pleading for his life. See my post here for videos from 2005 on Shanmugam Murugesu.

Aug 26, 2010: {Videos} Malaysian NGO and MPs handover protest memo on Yong Vui Kong’s death sentence to Singapore High Commission

Aug 25, 2010: Vui Kong given extension to file clemency, Shadrake’s trial postponed; SFD – Independent clemency board for death penalty petitions

Aug 24, 2010: Vui Kong’s family pleads at Istana; International Federation for Human Rights calls for presidential pardon for Yong Vui Kong, sentenced to death by hanging

August 20, 2010: Will Yong Vui Kong be hanged on Aug 26?; Save Vui Kong from the hangman! – Lawyers for Liberty; Past presidents powerless, never actually decided clemencies?; Singapore High Court dismisses application for judicial review of clemency process

August 17, 2010: Malaysian activists cry murder over Singapore government’s hanging of Vignes Mourthi; Audio/text of Asia Calling’s report on Alan Shadrake & his book Once A Jolly Hangman; Vignes Mourthi and Yong Vui Kong

August 15, 2010: SADPC statement regarding the judgement of Singapore’s High Court on 13 August 2010

August 13, 2010: President has no discretion in clemency appeal; Watch the video of M.Ravi’s interview with Malaysiakini

August 2, 2010: See my post here about “Give Vui Kong A Second Chance” event

July 31, 2010: The boy’s mother

July 29, 2010: Singapore High Court reserves judgement on judicial review of clemency process

July 26, 2010 update 2: See here for details on Give Vui Kong A Second Chance event on 1st Aug (Sat), 4pm to 6pm, Speakers Corner. Read here about The Good Fight.

July 26, 2010: TOC update reports M. Ravi’s application for judicial review will be heard on 28th July 2010 at 10am in the High Court but he is asking for postponement as he has two other cases during that time including Alan Shadrake’s contempt of court hearing on 30th July.

July 22, 2010: Save Vui Kong Campaign kicks off in Sabah (with photos and Vui Kong’s letter to his mother on her birthday in 2010); Death row inmate Yong Vui Kong’s lawyer M. Ravi files for judicial review of Singapore government’s clemency process

July 21, 2010: Wanted: 100,000 signatures by 23rd August to save Vui Kong

July 19, 2010: A safe system of equal justice for all?; Author of death penalty book arrested by Singapore police day after book launch

July 12, 2010: Law Minister’s comments prejudicial to Yong Vui Kong’s clemency appeal

July 10, 2010: Singapore government bans book that delves into its use of the Death Penalty; New book puts death penalty on trial

July 8, 2010: Singapore’s media buries its head

July 6, 2010: Malaysia to assist in Yong’s appeal; Malaysian FM: “If I save one life, it will give me great satisfaction”

July 4, 2010: Malaysian parliament to debate emergency motion; Emergency motion on death row case filed

June 28, 2010: Malaysian Law Minister’s puzzling about-turn; 40 Asian NGOs denounce Yong’s execution

June 21, 2010: Malaysian Minister to meet Yong’s lawyer

June 19, 2010: Read here and here about the Malaysian High Commission visiting Vui Kong. Read also Hung up on death penalty.

June 15, 2010: High Court waives S$20,000 security deposit for Vui Kong’s Judicial Review application

June 12, 2010: Silence on Yong’s coming execution in Singapore; The long drop; Press conference at Malaysia Bar Council

June 10, 2010: Singapore government attempts to defend its harsh drug laws

May 18, 2010: Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign statement on dismissal of Vui Kong’s appeal

May 17, 2010: Vui Kong’s lawyer, M.Ravi, has 3 months to submit a clemency petition to the President. Read A letter to Yong Vui Kong

May 14, 2010: My post here on the rejection of the appeal; Mandatory death penalty constitutional, says court – TOC; Judges dismissed Yong’s appeal and Pondering on… – Rachel Zeng; Singapore’s decision to maintain mandatory death penalty for drugs criticised by IHRA

May 10, 2010: TOC facebook update says judgement on Vui Kong’s appeal will be heard this Friday, 14 May at 11am, in the Court of Appeal

Mar 30, 2010: [Audio] Heroin smuggler challenges Singapore mandatory death sentence

Mar 29, 2010 update: Yong Vui Kong – the defence’s argument

Mar 22, 2010 update: Global Voices Online – Singapore: Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

Mar 20, 2010 update: The Anti-Mandatory Death Penalty Photo Project

Mar 16, 2010 update: The Guardian – Heroin smuggler challenges Singapore death sentence. From TOC – M Ravi: Death penalty should not be dispensed ‘in an automated, robotic, spasmodic approach’ and Discretion to the judges – judgment reserved

Mar 15, 2010 update: Singapore’s Court of Appeal reserves judgment

Mar 14, 2010 update: See Seelan’s post Yong Vui Kong appeal on Mar 15, The story of a boy by Andrew Loh and “For me, I’m hoping for for a miracle” by Lynn Lee

Mar 8, 2010 update: See Rachel’s post Hoping for the best

Jan 27, 2010 update: Watch Singaporeans’ views on the mandatory death penalty.

Dec 13 update: Read my post here on the Coffee Shop murder case of 1989.

Dec 12 update: Reform Party press release on the death penalty.

Dec 11 update: A TOC facebook post reports Vui Kong’s appeal hearing is set for March 15, 2010 (Mon). Read SDP repeats call to abolish mandatory death penalty.

Dec 10 update: Read the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign’s statement here on the granting of extension of time for Vui Kong to appeal. Read Lianain Flims’ post Vui Kong’s story – The Hearing here. Read Ben Bland’s post Outlook for Yong Vui Kong still bleak despite rare reprieve.

Dec 9 update: Read TOC’s report Yong Vui Kong given opportunity to appeal and Rachel’s post Court of Appeal grants Yong a second stay of execution.

Dec 8 update: Yong Vui Kong’s appeal to the Court of Appeal will be heard today at 10 am at Supreme Court bldg, Level 9. M Ravi is representing Vui Kong at the hearing to ask the Court to approve an application for Vui Kong to make an appeal. Read Amnesty Malaysia’s urgent appeal here. FYI, I also update my twitter. 1650hrs: Read TOC’s Court of Appeal grants Vui Kong a hearing, and a second stay of execution.

Dec 7 update: Read Rachel’s report for TOC and her latest update here and here. Read Lianain Films post here on Vui Kong which carries a video of an interview with the latter’s brother.

Dec 6 update: Read about the event Vui Kong, We Care today, 6 Dec, at Speakers Corner at 4pm. Read Ben Bland’s Why Singapore hides the human face of the death penalty.

Dec 5 update: Read Rachel’s post Updates on Yong Vui Kong and TOC’s Editorial: Media silence on Yong Vui Kong a national shame.

Dec 4 update: Read Rachel’s post Attorney-General is challenging the stay

Dec 3 update: Read TOC’s report High Court grants rare stay of execution

Dec 2 update: TOC facebook post – The High Court has granted Yong Vui Kong’s application for a stay of his execution. Yong was scheduled to be hanged this Friday, 4 Dec. His appeal to the Court of Appeal will now be heard next Tuesday. TOC will have a report on today’s hearing soon.

Dec 1 update: Lawyer M. Ravi will be making a final appeal to save Yong Vui Kong from the hangman’s noose which is scheduled for 4 Dec (Fri). The appeal will be heard before Judge Woo Bih Li at 10am tomorrow, 2 Dec, at Level 6, Court 6D at the Supreme Court bldg. See here for directions. Read also Rachel’s blog post here.

According to a TOC facebook update, Yong Vui Kong will be hanged by the Singapore government on Dec 4, 2009 (Fri). These State-sponsored killings ‘normally’ take place at 6am on Fridays. Read this article for an idea about Vui Kong’s final days.

Click on image to enlarge

Statement from the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

The President has responded to the petition for clemency of Yong Vui Kong sent in by the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC) through his Principal Private Secretary Mr. Tan Eng Beng.

“I am directed to refer to the petition for clemency of Yong Vui Kong and to inform you that the President, after due consideration of the petition and on the advice of the Cabinet, has decided that the sentence of death should stand.”

According to the date stated on the letter, the statement was issued on 20 November 2009. M Ravi, lawyer for Yong and co-campaigner of the SADPC, received the letter on 26 November 2009.

Yong has also signed a document agreeing to donate his organs.

Although no date has been fixed yet, he is expected to hang the week after next.

M Ravi has been allowed to talk to his client and will do so in the week to come. Further legal action to save Yong in this short amount of time, is being planned. Let’s all hope for the best.

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign singaporeantideathpenalty@gmail.com

From Rachel’s blog post,

The anti-death penalty campaign in Singapore has been held under much criticisms from the supporters of the death penalty. I think that the supporters of the death penalty have misunderstood our point. I would like to further reinforce that the whole point about the anti-death penalty campaign is that there are many other ways the judiciary can punish those who commit crimes. The death penalty is not the way because it takes away lives and because it leaves no room for rehabilitation and repentance. We are not saying that being a drug mule is right, not saying that any other crimes are right. We are saying that the death penalty is not a solution at all.

Watch the rest of the videos here of the forum/campaign held on Oct 10, 2009.

Note: Scanned image of petition from Ravi Philemon’s article on the forum.




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