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S'pore's Opposition Parties

Videos – National Day messages from Singapore’s political opposition parties

Read the Reform Party National Day Address by the Party’s secretary-general, Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

Women Democrats deliver the SDP’s 2009 National Day message: Its time that Singaporeans come together to reach out with the Singapore Democratic Party to bring about political change and a future of hope. – Singapore Democrats

Click here and here to watch NSP’s ND message in Malay and Chinese

Building a Truly Great Nation
The Workers’ Party National Day Statement 2009

National Day in Singapore has always been an occasion when Singaporeans look back with pride at our achievements as a young nation.

Our country was founded 44 years ago on the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. It was a moment which we can justly be proud of. Yet, for some time now, it seems that we have been losing our way on some of these ideals.

Do we want a future where our children and retired parents are judged only by their economic worth? Do we wish to have a society where the less able are left to fend for themselves? How much does your vote count for after it has been devalued by the tight controls over the media and political parties, and the constant redrawing of electoral boundaries?

This year, it is time to also to reflect on the kind of Singapore that we want to build together.

The Workers’ Party believes Singapore can become a truly great nation: A nation where each Singaporean is counted as a valuable citizen rather than an employee of “Singapore, Inc”. A nation that is respected the world over for not just its efficiency and material wealth, but for the kindness and generosity of its people and leaders. To this end, and many more, we continue to strive.

Any nation will encounter challenges. These challenges are all part of nation building. At times our challenges will be light and at times they will be very difficult, or even gripping. In such hours, Singaporeans may feel dispirited, but hope – the hope of a victorious future – will never abandon us. Therefore Singaporeans can expect to triumph over every challenge, even the hardest.

The Workers’ Party invites fellow Singaporeans to reflect, above all, on the relation between being more and having more. Having more must never be allowed to win. If it did, Singaporeans would lose the most precious gift of all: our humanity, our conscience, our dignity. As such, in this era of global uncertainties, Singaporeans must make demands on ourselves of “being more”, even if others do not make demands on us.

Each of us, fellow Singaporeans, will experience a “being more” of our own: responsibilities that we must assume and fulfil, a Singapore cause, for which we must fight, a duty, an obligation, from which there can be no withdrawal, no running away. A system of truths and values that must be upheld and defended: a “being more” in us and around us.

As part of the Workers’ Party’s National Day celebrations, we are embarking on a number of “being more” events to usher in our nation’s 44th Birthday. These initiatives are conceptualised, planned and spearheaded by members of the Workers’ Party Youth Wing.

The Workers’ Party invites all Singaporeans to participate in these events, namely: an Essay Writing Competition, a Town Hall Dialogue and a Public Outreach Activity on National Day itself. More information can be found on the Workers’ Party Youth Wing website at www.wpyouth.sg.

The Workers’ Party wishes all Singaporeans – whether in Singapore or residing abroad – a Happy National Day!

Vice-President, The Workers’ Party Youth Wing
05 Aug 2009




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