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Reform Party of Singapore’s vision and beliefs

Our Vision and Beliefs
Reform Party
June 12, 2009

This is a statement of the Reform Party of Singapore’s vision, beliefs and policies which will form the basis of our Manifesto for the next General Election.

A Vision for Singapore

The Reform Party’s vision for Singapore is of a people-oriented diverse and inclusive community with full participation and freedom of expression. Our vision is of a Nation which fosters inventiveness, creativity and the origin of ideas in a climate of security and trust. A Singapore where we can build a genuine Singaporean identity by de-emphasising outdated racial classifications.

In short:
A Nation which will make full use of our finest resource – our people
A Nation which, although still young, can hold its head up with pride in the 21st Century as a true democracy worthy of inclusion with the longstanding free nations of the world


Whilst not the perfect system democracy where the voice of the people is represented by constitutionally elected members and where those elected members are directly accountable to their constituents is the least bad system of government.
A democracy must also take steps to include the views of the minority, the weak and the vulnerable.
True accountability is attainable through increased transparency and the presence of a strong opposition. A valid and credible opposition will only become possible via reforms to create an even playing field
Non-constitutionally elected members of parliament and nominated members of parliament erode the principles of democracy.

Specifically we believe that: FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY can go hand in hand

Singapore is not a corporation and its people not simply workers who are expendable
We believe in Economic reform alongside Political Reform
Competition is as essential in politics as it is in the economy
Stability will not be jeopardised by openness and transparency
Suppression of rights of free speech and assembly is not only unnecessary but an obstacle to Singapore competing equally with its neighbours.
The current model of economic growth founded on cheap labour is obsolete and has not benefited the vast mass of our people.
We can raise living standards by reducing taxation and charges on the less well-off while maintaining a low overall taxation burden that supports investment and growth
We can focus on raising productivity and real incomes through a minimum wage and greater investment in education while improving the environment and playing our part in policies to combat climate change
We can reduce the unnecessarily high level of saving that is channelled into unproductive overseas investments and increase our domestic consumption and standard of living without sacrificing our future
We can give ordinary Singaporeans a direct stake in the growth in value of our foreign assets and government-linked companies
We believe that.
Our Finest Resource is Our People.
Education and training to be given a higher priority and higher levels of investment in order to reduce dependence on imported skills and to compete with Asian and other competitor nations
Abolition of fees and more help for those on lower incomes to keep children at school for longer.
Expansion of tertiary education in line with rest of OECD.

We believe in the creation of: A Safety Net for the Most Vulnerable Members of Society

Examine the introduction of a genuine national health insurance system and basic state pension
More benefits to the most vulnerable groups of society without creating a welfare dependent society.
More government involvement and a move away from the delegation of this function to charity and religious organisations which has resulted in an arbitrary and inconsistent approach. Those in genuine need should not be made to feel grateful for what should be an entitlement.
Provide a safety net for those in genuine need whilst ensuring that the burden of taxation does not damage investment and economic growth.
Cohesive and consistent policy on population growth and women’s right to choice with an absolute veto on Eugenics in any disguise.



4 thoughts on “Reform Party of Singapore’s vision and beliefs

  1. “Non-constitutionally elected members of parliament and nominated members of parliament erode the principles of democracy.”

    Does this mean that RP will not accept any NCMP positions even if offered?

    Posted by Question | November 6, 2009, 01:22
  2. Dear Question, i’m not a member of the Party and so i wouldn’t know about such matters. You might want to ask the Party itself. Here are the contact details: http://www.thereformparty.net/?page_id=185

    Posted by Jacob 69er | November 6, 2009, 18:11


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