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Remembering May 21st

Open forum on 20th June: Operation Spectrum – Breaking The Ice After 22 Years

Operation Spectrum – the arrests & detention without trial of 22 individuals under the Internal Security Act for an alleged Marxist conspiracy – began with the arrests of 16 individuals on 21st May 1987 followed by six more on 20th June 1987.

On 21st May 2009, activists and members of the public gathered to Remember May 21st.

On 20th June 2009 (Sat), Martyn See is organising and hosting an open forum. See here for the facebook event page.

Revisiting History:

Operation Spectrum – Breaking The Ice After 22 Years

An open forum.
No designated speakers.
Admission is free.
All are welcome to speak.

Date: 20 June 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Bestway Auditorium, 2nd Level, Podium A,
Bestway Building, 12 Prince Edward Road (off Shenton Way) [Jacob 69ner: Click here for map]

Members of the press (and the Internal Security Department) are welcomed.

Audio recordings are welcomed but no photography and video taking in the auditorium please (help us ease the climate of fear).

Donations at the event to help me defray the costs of venue rental will be appreciated.

Links on Operation Spectrum

Operation Spectrum on wikipedia

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‘Marxist Conspiracy’ annniversary remembered

TOC’s Special Feature

May 1987 – A conspiracy un-proved

Passion for activism extinguished…but not for long

Straits Times of May ‘87 – Four days of government statements on “Marxist Conspiracy”

The Marxist Conspiracy – Not forgetting the evil things that have already been done!

Was it a Red or White conspiracy?

29 July 1987: Chiam’s finest hour (Part 1)

Chiam’s finest hour (part two): the government responds

Let the people judge

Remembering the 22

Teo Soh Lung – In her own words (Part One)

Teo Soh Lung – In her own words (Part Two)

That we may dream again – book review by Chee Siok Chin

“Operation Spectrum was political rape”

Additional reads

Detention of journalists and lawyers under the ISA

Surviving long-term detention without trial

Life in Singapore’s political prisons

The ISA as a political tool

Political detention in Singapore : Prisoner case histories


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