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Hopefully i’ll get to vote this time round

Yesterday, i checked my particulars in the Registers of Electors. (See here for the Elections Department’s press release. And also visit this website called Singapore Elections)

I hope that’ll not be the only thing i’ll be doing as far as the voting process is concerned. Ever since i reached voting age, i have NEVER cast a vote because the places i’ve stayed have had walkovers. 🙄

I don’t think it’ll be fair to put the blame squarely (for these walkovers) on the political opposition parties. Look what they’re up against: a ruling party that practically controls and/or influences everything including the local media; parliament; judiciary; civil service, etc, etc.

And what about Singaporeans themselves? Majority will complain about & berate the PAP government (either privately or anonymously/using their actual names, publicly) but when it comes to actually casting their vote, the tick falls the PAP’s way. Of course there are different reasons for this, eg. fear; apathy; for purely self-centred & selfish reasons, etc., or due to a combination of reasons.

The decision of whom to cast your vote for is probably the only real thing that scares the ruling party. If not a change in government, at least an increased number of members of opposition party(-ties) voted into parliament would be a huge blow to the PAP government but not neccassarily a huge blow for the country as a whole as the propaganda & fear mongering would have us believe.

As the “routine exercise” of registers of electors gets underway, talk has increased of an impending general election. I think they’ll call it sometime this year, because from the point of view of “the one-party to rule them all” it would be better to get it over and done with, given the economic and social climate which doesn’t look like it’ll get better anytime soon.

Heck i just wish i’ll at least get to cast my vote this time round! 😯



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