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In the neighbourhood

Thoughts..and a dead lizard

Its pretty quiet where i live. Especially in the mornings & afternoons.

Stepped out of my house just now, standing by the corridor. Observing the near-emptiness of my surroundings and thinking about a couple of things, eg. daily survival, economic crisis, recession, an impending General Election??, the dominant one-party state with all its political shenanigans, among other things. When i saw this just above my head,

dead lizard

My mind moved away from all that was running through my mind to stupid f*** of a lizard!! 🙄 It was dead by the way, if you’re wondering.

It wasn’t a what’s-my-purpose-in-life? or what-does-all-these-things-that-are-happening-mean? kind of moment or anything. At least it distracted me from my thoughts for awhile. 😐



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